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A platform founded by a group of Chinese literature enthusiasts from Taiwan and China. We are actively translating literature, especially poetry, from different dynasties into English as a means of building a larger community for Chinese literature.

Our Goal

With the process of industrialization and the development of science and technology, many poets have become businessmen and literati have become passers-by, and the civilization of the past is gradually dying in this busy pace.

We hope that through the establishment of this platform, we can play the role of a tour guide, leading all friends who are interested in Chinese culture and poetry to explore ancient literature and the beauty of China. And in the process, gradually let the seeds of the Renaissance germinate.

Welcome to join our team, if you are interested in translating ancient Chinese to English, please contact us directly through this form. If you are interested in becoming our ambassador for universities at home and abroad, you are welcome to contact us via email: [email protected] (Mr. Chen).

Two thousand years of History

Endless Stories Throughout.

Moonlit Night
To Li Bai
A view of Tai Shan
March of the Troops and Chariots
Encounter of Lee in Jiangnan
Spring Longing
Melancholy Flute's Echo
Joyous Drizzle on a Spring Night
Serene Harmony
A Dawn Departure in the City of Bai Di
A Farewell to Meng in the Yellow Crane Tower
The Daunting Route of Shu
Farewell to a friend
Lu Mountain's Silver Ribboned Fall
Drinking Alone Under the Moon
Quiet Night Thoughts
East of Town
Etched in Jinling
The Cicada
A Trying Journey I of III
Summit Soaring, Distant Vistas Adoring
Drink Up