A Trying Journey I of III

A Trying Journey I of III

Golden jug of clear wine, Fought for ten thousand,
Jade plate of precious delicacies, Worth a fortune,
Pausing the cup, laying down the chopsticks, My appetite is lost,
Drawing my sword, I look around, My mind is in confusion,

To cross the Yellow River, frozen and blocked,
And climb Mount Tai, covered in snow,
Idly fishing on a green stream,
Suddenly, I dream of sailing,

The journey is hard, so many paths,
Where do I go now?
Though the wind and waves may rage,
One day I will sail to the great sea.






Li Bai

Li Bai (701-762), considered one of China’s greatest poets alongside Du Fu, lived during the Tang Dynasty’s golden age of poetry. Known for his vivid imagery and deep emotion, Li Bai’s work spans about 1,000 poems on themes like nature, friendship, and existential reflections. Celebrated for his spontaneous verse and exploration of Taoist ideals, Li Bai’s poetry also deeply admires the natural world and ancient times, often challenging life’s ordinary constraints. His depiction of China’s landscapes combines natural beauty with personal sentiment. Earning the title ‘Poetry Immortal,’ Li Bai’s influential poetry is globally admired for its artistic and philosophical depth.


Image: MidJourney/DALL-E 2