Serene Harmony

Serene Harmony

In robes of cloud, her beauty like a rare bloom,
The spring’s soft zephyr doth her loveliness resume.

Is she not a goddess from the sacred peak,
Or a heavenly fairy sent, her beauty unique.”


According to the records of people in the late Tang and Five Dynasties, there are three poems in this group, and these three poems were written by Li Bai when he worshiped Hanlin in Chang’an. On a spring day in the second year of Emperor Xuanzong’s Tianbao (743) or the third year of Tianbao (744), Tang Xuanzong and Concubine Yang watched peonies in the Chenxiang Pavilion in the palace, and the actors were preparing to perform songs and dances to add to the fun. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty said: “How can you use old music for concubines when you appreciate famous flowers?” Because he urgently called the Hanlin to order Li Bai to enter the palace to write a new movement. Li Bai entered the palace under the imperial edict and wrote these three poems on the golden flower paper.




Li Bai
Li Bai (701-762) was a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty. He is considered one of the five great poets of the Tang Dynasty. Li Bai's poems have a wide range of topics, involving life, love, nature, h...


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