About Us

A platform founded by a group of Chinese literature enthusiasts from Taiwan and China. We are actively translating literatures, especially poem, from different dynasties.

Join us

We currently expect to be able to complete the digitization of all literature up to the Ming Dynasty before 2024, and implement the translation of the English version of the main literature, as well as the relevant age, style, and English introductions of major poets. We hope to have you on board as we speed up the process together.

1. Get Your Account

Register with the mailbox of your educational institution, or the E-mail of the literary institution in our database, and our team will complete the account application within 1-3 days.

2. Initial Interview

After confirming the account, our team will arrange a preliminary short interview with you to understand the literature field you are good at and where you want to make contributions.

3. Edit, Noting.

For the selected field, regularly correct the gaze of other team members, or provide further annotations on classical literature (through past scholars or your own cognition).

4. Join the Discussion

We hope to hold regular events in Taiwan, the West of the United States and other places, invite members who have made great contributions to the platform to express their ideas in the symposium, and hold regular literary discussions and creative sharing activities.