Cen Shen

Cen Shen (岑參) (about 715-770), a Han nationality, was originally from Nanyang (now Xinye, Henan), and moved to Jiangling (now Hubei). He was a famous frontier poet in the Tang Dynasty. He was 56 years old when he died. His poems are full of romantic features, majestic, rich in imagination, magnificent in color, passionate and unrestrained, especially good at seven character songs. There are 403 existing poems, more than 70 frontier poems, one “Gan Jiu Fu”, one “Zhao Bei Ke Wen”, and two tomb inscriptions.


Life of Cen Shen

Moonlit Night
To Li Bai
A view of Tai Shan
March of the Troops and Chariots
Encounter of Lee in Jiangnan
Spring Longing
Melancholy Flute's Echo
Joyous Drizzle on a Spring Night
Serene Harmony
A Dawn Departure in the City of Bai Di
A Farewell to Meng in the Yellow Crane Tower
The Daunting Route of Shu
Farewell to a friend
Lu Mountain's Silver Ribboned Fall
Drinking Alone Under the Moon
Quiet Night Thoughts
East of Town
Etched in Jinling
The Cicada
A Trying Journey I of III
Summit Soaring, Distant Vistas Adoring
Drink Up