Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was a powerful and prosperous dynasty in China, characterized by well-organized government, a thriving economy, an inclusive and tolerant cultural environment, and a rich and diverse literary tradition.

About Tang Dynasty

In the Tang Dynasty, which was founded by Li Yuan, the country experienced a period of great prosperity and was one of the strongest nations in the world. The government was well-organized and virtuous leaders were in power during its early and mid-period, leading to rapid development. The Tang government also opened up to the rest of the world, leading to the creation of the Silk Road. The economy was robust with convenient transportation after the Tang dynasty stabilized. The “Zhenguan Reign” and “Kaiyuan Prosperity” further strengthened the economy.

In terms of thought and culture, the Tang dynasty was characterized by a lack of ideological and literary restrictions, leading to a thriving literary culture. The government used a combination of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, with a tolerant attitude towards each ideology. The establishment of schools and the imperial examination system for selecting scholars, along with imperial support for literature, led to an unprecedented flourishing of literature. Society in the Tang dynasty was open-minded and absorbed the best elements of other cultures and nations, such as Western music and dance, Indian Buddhism, Sanskrit dramas, Japanese and Korean literature. This integration of cultures led to the creation of bold and magnificent Tang dynasty literature.

Poets during Tang Dynasty

Most prominent figures during the dynasty. 

Li ShangYin
Li Shangyin, courtesy name Yishan, nicknamed Yuxisheng and Fan Nansheng, was a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty. His ancestral home was in Qinyang, ...
Li Bai
Li Bai (701-762) was a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty. He is considered one of the five great poets of the Tang Dynasty. Li Bai's poems have a wid...
Du Fu
Du Fu (February 12, 712-770), courtesy name Zimei, nicknamed Shaoling Yelao, No. 1 Duling Yeke and Duling Buyi, was a realist poet in the Tang Dyna...
Wei YingWu
Wei Yingwu (737-792), a poet in the Tang Dynasty of China. Han nationality, from Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi). There are 10 volumes of "Wei Jiangz...
Wei Zhuang
Wei Zhuang (approximately 836-910), courtesy name Duanji, was born in Duling (near Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China), the fourth grandson of the...

Poems during Tang Dynasty

Our selected poems & works during this dynasty.

Moonlit Night
To Li Bai
A view of Tai Shan
March of the Troops and Chariots
Encounter of Lee in Jiangnan
Spring Longing
Melancholy Flute's Echo
Joyous Drizzle on a Spring Night
Serene Harmony
A Dawn Departure in the City of Bai Di
A Farewell to Meng in the Yellow Crane Tower
The Daunting Route of Shu
Farewell to a friend
Lu Mountain's Silver Ribboned Fall
Drinking Alone Under the Moon
Quiet Night Thoughts
East of Town
Etched in Jinling
The Cicada
A Trying Journey I of III
Summit Soaring, Distant Vistas Adoring
Drink Up